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Philmont Backpacking

Philmont backpacking on hundreds of miles of trails.



"Philmont backpacking in the Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico..."
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New Mexico has a reputation arid dryness, but much of Philmont is covered with excellent pine forest.

Philmont Backpacking


Philmont backpacking takes place on hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails coursing through the northern Rocky Mountains. The typical 10-day backcountry trek is 50 to 75 miles. The boys chose a crew chief who has similar responsibilities to a senior patrol leader.

The boys run the show at Philmont, and take off across the mountains, chosing their trails, when they want to rest, and how to set up camp.

Philmont Backpacking

As with other backpacking experiences, it helps to get in decent shape at Philmont. If you are an over-40 adult, that especially applies to you. Some of the boys are in good shape and some not. But youth allows quick adjustment, and they tone up quickly. It takes weeks for someone over 40 to get in decent backpacking shape. It's more fun if you're in good condition before you arrive. Cardio-vascular condition is important at Philmont. And you should have already tested the knees. Some people have trouble. Take along some ibuprofrin if you are an old codger.

Philmont has typical Rocky Mountain hiking trails. The boys are able to pick up food and stove fuel every three days. That helps keep the pack weights reasonable.

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