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Pur Water Filters

Pur water filters are one of the top picks of our testers.



"Pur Water filters remain the most popular on the market for backpackers and trekkers..."
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Giardia Symptoms typically come and go. Illness from giardia is usually not a steady affair.

Pur Water Filters

Pur Water Filters for Giardia

The most popular water filters these days are the Pur water filters brand. They seem to be a good compromise between expense and quality.
There are cheaper water filters out there, but the Purs are probably a little more durable than the cheapest ones. And since they are the most common water filters, if you need to replace the filter part of the product, the Pur water filters are more easily found in backpacking stores.

But be forewarned, water filters are not that easily located in rural areas. Don't count on being able to find filters. Take an extra if you think you'll need one.
There are more expensive and probably more durable filters than Pur, but most people start balking when the price goes over $100.

Pur Water Filters compared

The MSR water filters are newer on the market. They're relatively inexpensive and the reports I've had from the field indicate they work well.
Still, Pur water filters remain the most popular. There are quite a few other brands out on the market, too. Most seem to work. Obviously I'm not testing all of them.

The reason many water filters will work for giardia is because it is actually an easy critter to remove from the water. It's relatively large in size.

Water filters that allow small bacteria and very small viruses to slide through will easily catch all the giardia. Pur water filters are very good for this.

Pur Water Filters Purifier - Giardia is one of the easiest things to get rid of with Pur water filters


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Pur Water Filters are one of our top picks

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