The Number 1 pick of our backpacking testers

AquaMira water
    Just mix 6 drops from each bottle in the little
    cap that comes with the set - it treats a quart
    or liter, for 30 gallons total.. It's one of the
    most fool-proof systems we've used. And is
    growing popular with backpacking education
    courses and schools.

The bottom line...

our team of backpacking testers have run AquaMira through the paces from the Rockies to the Himalayas on some rather strenuous expeditions. It's the most advanced backpacking and travel water purification product to come along in quite awhile, and we highly recommend it. AquaMira is registered with the EPA and has been approved by the Canadian government , of course. But it has also passed the "real world" of backpacking tests we ran it through.

At $13 to $18, the price is excellent for the majority of backpacking trips. These two 1-ounce bottles treat 30 gallons of water. Compare that to the $50 to $120 for most backpacking filters. And this stuff doesn't clog or break or take up much room in a pack. That's what our backpacking testers liked the most. I carry enough for two weeks of wilderness backpacking in my 2-inch pocket on my backpacking shorts - and it weighs less than 5 ounces... Purchase AquaMira

Powerful but safe...

AquaMira is extremely potent, yet safe. It kills everything. As part of our research we interviewed a college professor with a PhD in chemical engineering, says chlorine dioxide is the best and safest water treatment for ANY kind of water treatment. It's been used in city water treatment plants for years, but until recently was too unstable for use in backpacking. With AquaMira, that has changed.

It's the taste...

For most people, it's the taste that matters. Despite the name "chlorine dioxide", this isn't like chlorine bleach, or for that matter, chlorine. Chemically, it's different. There is very little, or no taste associated with it. When you drink spring water treated with AquaMira, it actually tastes like spring water. Little or no chlorine taste. No iodine taste. Many backpacking filters are impregnated with iodine because that is the only way they can kill the tiny viruses that slip through. Not so with AquaMira. In fact, our testers found that it actually improves the taste of stale, stagnant or foul tasting water.

All of that together makes it our top pick for price, effectiveness, ease of use and taste. In fact, we got enough requests that we decided to sell it just above the wholesale price, and throw in a subscription to our "World Giardia Backpacking Water Report" - free. We ship orders as soon as they are received. After the first item, shipping on all other items is free. We aim to please. Our guarantee - excellent quality product or return it for a full refund of the product price. But, we never get returns. People like this product. USA and Canada sales only, for right now.

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