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Backpacking List

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Backpacking list compiled by the greatest minds in Backpackingdom. For when you're out there - months at a time...

Backpacking list

Backpacking List

Backpacking list for the feint of heart. The amount of junk and weight that armchair backpackers would have you take is ridiculous. The surest sign of an experienced backpacker is the light weight of the pack. Pack weight really does make a huge difference here. Even a pound or two is noticeable when you are lugging it up a mountain at the end of the day. Hence, our backpacking list.

This is our backpacking list made up from years and years of experience in the Rocky Mountains, Himalayas and elsewhere. From our own packs, and from watching lots of other backpackers strain with bulging veins under absurd loads. When in doubt - don't take it...

We'll start off with the list, then go into the details of our backpacking list recommendations on the following few pages.

Backpacking List

_______ Pack - external backpack, internal, hip belt, top brands, best packs for the money, what kids like, packs for crotichity old men, boulder hopping punks, pack repair kit, backpack reviews.

_______ Nylon pack cover, or 3-4 very large garbage bags. They tear, but if you're not a complete klutz they will usually work, and are cheap.

_______ 4 to 8 one-gallon freezer bags (tougher than sandwich bags) to use as clothes packets to keep stuff dry. Sometimes I just cram clothes in a garbage bag in the pack. With this backpacking list, I don't go backpacking to be an organization nut.

_______ Sleeping Bag - lightest, warmest, best bargains, how much bag do you need, mummy or bigger, brand comparisons. Sleeping Bag Reviews.

Ground pad.

_______ Water Filters - water filters and purification, or, how to keep from getting sicker than a mangy dog on the trail, options and prices, and what NOT to use. Water filter reviews.

_______ Clothing - backpacking list of typical clothing for summer in the higher Rocky Mountains. You need to at least be able to survive if it snows. Backpacking gear recommendations - the gory details.

_______ Boots or shoes.

_______ Two pairs wool socks.

3-4 pairs of liner socks.

1-2 paris of underwear.

1 pair of Supplex or nylon short.

1 pair of Supplex or nylon pants.

1 cap or hat.

Polypropylene, Thermax, Capilene or other synthetic long under wear - 2 tops, 1 bottom.

Synthetic glove liners.

Wool stocking cap.

Fleece or wool jacket-shirt.

Rain gear.

Personal gear - backpacking gear gory details

at least 3 water Bottles to carry at least 3 liters of water.

1 or 2 bandannas

little dinky flashlight, check out backpacking gear gory details.

1 light bowl, 1 light cup, 1 spoon

40+ sunscreen

sunscreen lip balm

tooth brush and nearly empty small toothpaste tube


tampons/sanitary napkins

Big Stuff

_______ Backpacking Stoves - Backpacking Stove Reviews

Backpacking tents - Backpacking tent reviews

Other Backpacking Gear
Ok, if you have an overwhelming urge to grow long ears, a tail and bray, then you can be a backpacking mule by adding some of the following to the backpacking list.

book. If you really want to look like a neophyte, take a hardback...



daypack for side hikes.

pencil and paper to write a best-selling novel. And that is about all of our backpacking list

Backpacking List Philosophy


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