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Philmont is one of the best ways to learn backpacking.



"Philmont is the absolute premier Boy Scout experience..."
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Philmont - about 300 backpackers arrive each day during summer for 10-day treks in the New Mexico Rocky Mountains.



Philmont is a great place to learn backpacking. I've backpacked all over the world, and Philmont remains perhaps the best place I have ever seen for learning.

As an environmentalist, one of the best things about Philmont is the no-trace backpacking ethic. The Boy Scouts of America has earned a reputation over the years of having a rather slouchy no-trace policy. Or, in some cases, it gets mixed in with right wing politics where people become anti-environmentalists. Just witness the "environmental whacko' language used by some of the far right.

I was really impressed with the excellent no-trace backpacking skills taught at Philmont. Really, better than any other place I've seen.

Philmont no-trace back-backing

Philmont college-age rangers travel with your troop for a couple days. By the end of it, the kids will even have learned to eat part of the garbage. Quite impressive, I must say.

I've taken a few troops of boys to Philmont over the years. For the most part, they needed to learn backpacking. And at Philmont, they did. In every case I think they also had a lifetime experience. Many have since taken up backpacking as lifetime sports. It's inevitible they would also pick up care and concern for the outdoors and wilderness areas. What better testimonial can one have than that? None, I think.

On the following pages I'll give you a taste of what to expect at Philmont. And I'll give you some tips, such as what kind of backpacking gear you'll need at Philmont. Good trekking.

Philmont Backpacking - a typical day, and what to expect. And also the Boy Scout Backpacking - the Lazy Life. And some comments from our backpacking chums.



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