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"Philmont Scout Ranch food - what's really important to teenagers..."
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New Mexico has a reputation arid dryness, but much of Philmont is covered with excellent pine forest.

Philmont Scout Ranch

Philmont Scout Ranch

Philmont Scout Ranch food - Our rating of the food - average in the dining hall, very good on the trail. The cafeteria food is average, about like school lunches. But the food on the trail is quite good. They use tons of it, of course. So, they package the trail food there at Philmont Scout Ranch.

You'll be getting a few ideas here, even if you're an experienced backpacker. For instance, I hadn't tried eating dry rainsin bran, or jalpeno cheese spread on crackers.

The main food advice at Philmont Scout Ranch is to take some spices - garlic powder, cayenne pepper or hot sauce of some sort are good. Some people buy the small round plastic containers that have a half dozen spices. The food is bland so everyone can eat it. You'll want to spice it up unless you are a complete pansy about food - from Norway, for instance.

Philmont Scout Ranch Tips

You can buy some gear here, but it's probably a good idea to come well equipped. There are two things I would especially recommend for a trek at Philmont Scout Ranch. If you want a water alternative that tastes good, you might consider some of our recommendations, which are covered thoroughly on this site. Aqua Mira is currently our top choice for really excellent tasting water that is completely safe. The stuff kills anything in the water, excepting small mammals, of course.

The other thing I would recommend in a Philmont Scout Ranch group is some 2nd Skin for blisters. With 6 to 12 people in a group, it's a fairly likely that at least one or more will develop severe blisters - the kind of blisters that are very painful to walk with, and which will slow up the entire group. I've walked quite comfortably with bleeding blisters covered with 2nd Skin. Everyone doesn't need to carry it, but one packet of it is a good safety precaution at Philmont Scout Ranch. I recommend it. As an adult leader, it may end up making your life on the trail more pleasant.

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