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Polar Pure

Polar Pure is still a good choice.



"I've used it for months on end
in the Himalayas ...
The Editor

Polar Pure is the most cost-effective form of water treatment for backpackers and trekkers..

Polar Pure

Polar Pure for Giardia

Polar Pure water purification comes in a glass bottle. In the bottom are iodine crystals that continuously saturate the water in the bottle.
For normal water you put two capfuls of iodine solution per liter of water. You can easily make two or three liters of water at a time.

Then you fill the Polar Pure up with water again, and the iodine crystals in the bottom saturate the new water with iodine.

Over time, the iodine crystals eventually are used up. But one bottle of Polar Pure will make about 2,000 liters of water.

A small plastic trap in the Aqua Pure bottle prevents the crystals from fall out when you pour the iodine solution into the cap.

Warning - Neither Polar Pure nor any other iodone based water purification will touch cryptosporidium. That, plus the taste, is why we more highly recommend AquaMira.

Polar Pure thermometer

There is even a small thermometer on the side of the bottle to tell you have many capfuls of iodine to put in. The reason for this is that the warmer the water temperature, the more concentrated the iodine solution in the Polar Pur Bottle. The cooler the water, the less the concentration. It's basic chemistry.

My experience with the little thermometer on the sides of Polar Pure bottles is that it quits working after awhile. Then you're back go guessing the concentration. But the product is still quite usable


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