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Aqua Mira

Aqua Mira proved highly popular with our stable of backpacking experts..



"No iodine taste, practically no chlorine taste - and highly effective at killing everything. Aqua Mira is our top recommendation..."
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Aqua Mira will prove very popular with those who like good tasting water, and it's cheap.

Aqua Mira

Aqua Mira for Giardia

Chlorine dioxide - sold as Aqua Mira in the U.S., or Pristine in Canada. It comes in two bottles. You mix drops of each together and chlorine dioxide is formed after five minutes. You then put that mixture into a liter of water, and it is purified in about a half hour, depending on the water temperature and clarity.

It's fairly quick, fairly easy, and works well. And it costs only about $14 for 30 gallons of water. That comes out to about 12 cents per liter or quart.

The big advantage of Aqua Mira for many hikers and backpackers is that it has practically no taste. No iodine taste. And even less chlorine taste than chlorinated city water.

In fact, some people say that it actually improves the taste of bad or dirty water.

Aqua Mira also kills cryptosporidium, if you are in an area where this critter infests water. That's an advantage over iodine, which does not kill cryptosporidium. In fact, a travel physician I interviewed said cryptosporidium can even be cultured in iodine solution.

Aqua Mira Water

The use of Aqua Mira is a new concept in the backpacking world. But it's one alternative that is bound to gain at least some converts because of the one thing that most people complain about with some of the other water treatment methods. The advantage is the Aqua Mira water treatment taste.

Aqua Mira - water treatment with Aqua Mira for beaver fever.


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