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The Giardia Horror Show   
Water Filters Water filters, Aqua Mira and Polar Pure

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Giardia now lives quite successfully around the globe. And if you are an avid traveler or backpacker or hiker, you stand a good chance of eventually getting it. That's why water filters are one of the first things that backpackers acquire.

Giardia is especially likely to become a companion in your gut if you do a lot of international travel to Third World destinations. In fact, it's almost inevitable that you will eventually join the Giardia Club if you do a lot of foreign adventure travel. We'll be talking about AquaMira and other water purifcation for backpacking and international travel.

Giardia Club

Personally, I've been a member of the Giardia Club for a long time. I was initiated into it in the United States - the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico to be exact. And once again in the Himalayas of Asia.

You'll hear a lot of horror tales about giardia. Gloom, doom and perhaps spending the rest of one's natural born life hovered over a toilet for the continuous streams of fecal matter that doomsdayers will claim is have in store for you. The giardia pits.

Home Filters


If it's home use, you'll want to check out our whole house water filters section, with filters rated "Best Buy" by Consumer's Digest.

Water Filters Giardia Guide

This giardia guide is one of the most complete ever assembled. It's geared mostly towards backcountry hikers and backpackers who use water filters and chemical treatments of water. And of course, international travelers always have worries about the water supply.

With the right knowledge you will not be able to completely avoid the risk. But you put the odds in your favor. And you can learn what to look for and what to do when you eventually become a full-fledged member of the Giardia Club.

People with children in modern child day care centers will also find some of this useful. Because those places also have giardia, even in developed countries in Europe, North America and parts of Asia with good water treatment plants.


Giardia - Next, the Horror Show


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Giardia and Backpacking
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