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Immediately remove giardia from drink water with Pur water filter.



"Pur Water filters Hiker, and other water filters easily remove giardia..."
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In North America, Pur Water Filters are used mostly for removing giardia.

Pur Water Filters purifier

Pur Water Filters Hiker

Pur water filters are probably the most popular filters for backpacking. The main reason many people like water filters is because they are the quickest way to get pure water for drinking. As soon as the water comes out of the filter, it's ready. With Pur Water Filters, you don't have to wait 15 or 30 minutes for any chemical to kill whatever is cruising around. It has already been strained out by the filters.

Giardia lend themselves to filtering quite well. The cysts and organism are relatively large in the water filtering world. Pur Water Filters, and other for that matter, easily take them out. So, you don't need a filter with very small pores to work well. In fact, the larger pored water filters will take out giardia and are easier to pump.

Pur Water Filters Safety

The size of the pores and the quality of the water filter you want depends partly on where you will be backpacking. The cheaper models of Pur water filters generally work well in the United States and Canada. There, giardia is the main culprit likely to be found in water, at least in the pristine mountain areas.

You just aren't as likely to pick up typhoid or something like that here. If you are in Asia, it's another matter. You mave to make sure that your water treatemnt kills things that are potentially a lot more harmful to you than giardia. Polio, cholera and other things are present in many Asian waters. South America is risky, too. So, whether you are using Pur water filters, or something else, make certain they are in good working order.

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