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Pur and other water purification devices have revolutionized drinking water on the trail.



"Pur - still the most popular water filter on the market..."
The Editor

The Pur line is now used extensively all over the world.



Pur water filters the easiest to find on the market. There are other brands that are equally as good for removing giardia from water supplies. But to be upfront, being opular does have it's advantage - names that it's easier to get spare parts for a Pur, and it is especially easier to get a new filter for a Pur.

In some of the main backpacking areas you can even find them in backpacking stores. Obviously, with all the wide array of water filters that are available, the average local outdoor store is not going to carry any but the very most popular filter replacement cartridges. And to me, that is probably the main advantage of Pur. Because as I have said, there are other brands of water filters that do a very good job of purifying the water.

Pur Water

With that being said. I still advicate taking a backup water purification method other than a Pur filter. If you have one of the chemical purifiers on the market, they are pretty much fool-proof from breaking. Even if you tip them over, the containers are made so that not all of the contents will spill out. And with Polar Pure, it's no problem because you can just put more water in. About the only way you can go wrong is to actually lose them, which actually is not that hard to do when you get careless at a stream bank, and then don't remember it until you stop at the next water stop miles down the trail.

Of course, you can always boil the water if the Pur breaks down. But boiling is the heaviest solution of all. It takes too much fuel.

You should also consider the expense of the Pur you get, and we offer our suggestions on the next page...

Pur Hiker - The Pur Hiker is a good example of what is on the market.


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