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Pur Water Filter

Special needs and the Pur water filter on the trail.



"Beware with kids - the Pur Water Filter is not foolproof..."
The Editor

Good filteringt technique is a must with the Pur Water Filter.

Pur Water Filter purification

Pur Water Filter

Pur Water filter is not foolproof. A lot of giardia infections occur not because the Pur water filter malfunctioned, but because the person using it screwed up. Usually, the filter, or bottle or hose with good water is accidentally dunked or dropped in the water. Ever worse, sometimes backwash is allowed to contaminate the filter. When you consider that enough giardia can reside in the drop of water around the screws of a canteen or bottle to cause in infection, you can see how easy it is for a small amount of bad water in the filter to mess things up in a Pur water filter.

It's especially easy to make a mistake when you're tired, which all backpackers are after a great day, or when you do lots and lots of water for a group. When we become careless.

Pur Water Filter and kids

Kids need to be taught how to properly filter water. The safest and only really foolproof way I've found is to have them put water in bottle, set it on the bank, and filter a few feet away from the stream or lake. That way when they drop something like the exit hose, it doesn't plop into untreated stream water. It falls on the grass.

So, let's say the unit is dropped in the stream. It's contaminated. You can just keep using it, and probably get away with it. Probably. If you want to make certain it must be disinfected with Aqua Mira, Polar Pure or Iodine, or even chlorine (Clorox). It's easier to not drop it in the water. Backflushing with one of the above disinfectants is always a good idea once you get home and get ready to store the Pur water fitler.

Aqua Mira - the latest hot thing in backpacking water purification, and highly recommended.


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