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AquaMira is turning out to be the premier treatment for those who like the purest tasting water.

AquaMira Trekking


AquaMira has now become one of the water treatment methods used by trekkers on the trails in Asia. It is being used on the trails of Nepal, for instance.

The water coming out of the Himalayas is generally pretty pure. There is so much of it pouring off the world's biggest mountains that any giardia or other organisms present tend to be diluted. At least, that is the case in the more remote areas. As one gets closer to villages, the risk becomes greater. Still, purifying the water with AquaMira or other water purifiers is easy, so it's best to do it all the time just to be on the safe side. Buy AquaMira

AquaMira Trekking

In the more settled areas of Asia the odds of getting bad water increases dramatically. In fact, whereas I regularly risk things in the countryside, I would never even think about drinking untreated tap water in a Third World Asian city.

For that, AquaMira is a good choice. Not only can you have fairly tasteless water, but it is very effective at killing any critter that is in the water, even cryptosporidium.

The best method is to keep a few liters of water available. Whenever you finish off a liter, refill it with water and then treat it with AquaMira. That way you'll always have a couple fresh liters available. And of course, drink lots of tea. You don't need AquaMira or any other water purificatio in in it if it has been boiled.

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