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"We get email regularly from people with giardia and other water quality problems in their home. For those, whole house filters are usually the best choice..."
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Home Water Filter Tips

Our top recommendation for in whole house water filters is Aquasana. We don't sell them but you can find more information on them here.

Safe Home Water

Generally speaking, water supplies in North America are some of the safest in the world. But that isn't to say there aren't problems. And it can be sneaky at times, because we all assume the water coming out of the tap is safe. And usually it tastes good.

That's why it isn't first nature to test water supplies when some kind of problem arises. And that is the first advice we give when a problem is suspected. Test the water. Often it can be tested for free or at little cost by the department of natural resources agency in the state involved.

Home Filtering

It's usually impractical to use chemicals in a private well or water supply situation. And in fact, often you don't even need to treat all the water, merely that used in cooking and drinking. For that, a good home filter is usually the best choice. It's simpler, effective and something you don't have to think about a lot all the time once installed. And giardia is relatively easy to filter out, since it is larger than other organisms.

Filtering also comes in handy when there are odor or taste problems.

AquaSana - info on this whole house water filter.


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