Katadyn - Our opinion

The Katadyn Name...

Katadyn is considered the premier name in the world of backpacking, trekknig and adventure travel water fitlers. But that is only one of the reasons we carry them. The fact is, our backpacking testers have used many of these Katdyn water filters extensively, and they like them.

Katadyn started in Switzerland in 1928. By the 1970s and 80s it was considered the best water filter available, and also an extremely expensive one. They still offer very expensive, top quality water filters. Fortunately, you don't really need those expensive models for the vast majority of backpacking and hiking, though I'm sure they'd be more than happy if you did buy them.

Katadyn Availability

The one we're recommending most highly is the Katadyn Hiker. This was formerly the Pur Hiker. The story behind it is that the Pur Company sold their backpacking line to Katadyn in 2001. So, the Katadyne Hiker is actually the same as the Pur Hiker, only it now has the Katadyn name on it.


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