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AquaMira and top ranking on the backpacker taste tests.



"AquaMira topped our testers taste tests..."
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AquaMira is turning out to be the premier treatment for those who like the purest tasting water.

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AquaMira was our hands down winner in taste testing of trekker water purifications systems. Unlike chlorine bleach, the AquaMira has very little chlorine taste. In fact, if you're using clear mountain or glacier water, you really can't even taste the AquaMira.

The company that manufactures AquaMira claims that it even makes foul tasting water more palatable. I don't know the answer to that yet, as I am reluctant to test anything on sludge-like water until I have no other choice. No fear of that occuring eventually, it's just that I haven't run across that predicament since I started using AquaMira.

AquaMira Taste

If there is one thing that trekkers complain about most with water purification, it's usually the taste. That's where the AquaMira comes in.

Iodine, of course, has it's onwn distinctive flavor. I like it, but honestly, it's an acquired taste. Most people don't like their water tasting like it came off an operating room floor.

So, they either use water filters or AquaMira. And even water filters can impart an iodine flavor because some of the filters are impregnated with iodine. They have to be to kill the tiny viruses that would slip through the filters. Plus, filters are just plain more of a pain. They break down. They clog. That's why I normally use Polar Pure or AquaMira. and our testeres clearly prefrerred the AquaMira.

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