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Water Filters

Water filters have disadvantages. Consider the chemical treatments, also.



"Easy pumping water filters is one of the main criteria our experts use in their tests..."
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Boiling is an alternative to water filters. It's foolproof, but time consuming and cumbersome.

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Water Filters for Giardia

This is one of the newest technologies for dealing with giardia. Water filters are popular and relatively easy to use if they are working properly.

As waterborne pests go, giardia are easy to filter out because the cysts are relatively large compared to bacteria and viruses. Even water filters with large pores will easily strain out giardia.

A few disadvantages of water filters include:

1. Expensive - Most run from $30 to more than $100, and you have to buy new filters occasionally.

2. They clog up and become unusable. And sometimes they are a pain to pump.

3. They require the most attention and care while in use. If you start backwashing or dipping them in the stream you're getting water from, you contaminate the water filter system. That's something to remember when you have a teenager filtering the water you'll be using for your own personal use.

Easy Pumping Giardia Water Filters

If your only real concern is getting rid of giardia, get one the less expensive water filters with large pore sizes on the filter.

There are two advantages to this - they're cheaper to buy, and they pump easier. The really small pored filters that remove everything are harder to pump. It takes more pressure to force the water through the small pores on the filter.

Consider where you'll be using them. You aren't likely going to get typhoid in North America. In India you might, and will want a good filter for taking this out, or else use iodine, chlorine dioxide or boiling


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