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Where NOT to use this...

In the lower reaches of the Ganges, for instance.

I also would not use a water filter bottle for drinking city water from Third World cities. Or, at least if I did I would treat it with AquaMira, too.

The reason is the pore size in these and other water bottles - they're too large to filter out viruses and small things. Things like typhoid and polio and cholera. A few water bottle companies treat their filters with iodine. It tastes. Plus, I don't trust them when it comes to the bad stuff that can result in your body being sent home in a box.

But for the vast majority of North America, and some places in the Third World, these water bottle filters work fine because you mainly have to worry about giardia - which are huge in size by filtration standards and are easy to filter out. And the large pore size of the water bottle filter allows water to go through much easier than a standard filter. Easier drinking. Our recommendation:

  • A Water Bottle Fitler for quick, cold water in clear water streams and springs in the U.S.
  • AquaMira (the chlorine dioxide discussed on this web site) to treat questionable water, and for treating larger quantities at camp.
  • Both of the above are easy, very lightweight and work excellently together. And they are realtively inexpensive.

Our Favorite Water Bottle filter

Some of the water bottle filter advantages:

  • Everyone in a group has their own filter. With only one or two pump filters for a group, it gets to be a lot of work. Typially with only one filter, one person goes to the stream and filters water for everyone. And people screw up, dunking the hose in the stream, backwashing, etc. Mistakes when you are tired are very common, and you're drinking this stuff...

Cheap Replacement Filters

The filters in each bottle are easily replaced. They'll go through about 200 liters (quarts) if water clarity is decent. Filter muddy water, and they clog more quickly. We like to use water bottle filters ($9.79 filter replacements) in muddy water rather than the more expensive pumps (filter replacement for $20 to $80).

We usually suggest you get at least one replacement filter replacement filter to keep on hand. We only charge shipping for the first item. All subsequent items are shipped free. But it's your choice.

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