survival water

    Survival Water Filter Straw

     Survival Water Filter Straw - 1 oz.

survival water
 Nice and slimy survival water near Sturgis
in the Rocky Mountains

survival water filter straw

At about an ounce in weight, this survival water filter
straw takes out giardia. It will also make you
the star of the backpacking trip
with friends and colleagues.


A nice gift for suckups...

Finally, a survival water filter straw to suck water right out of a mud hole...

  • Filters out giardia and crypto.
  • Suck from a bottle, or directly from a slimy water hole.

This little survival water filter straw makes a bizarre gift for that special someone. People like it, even if they live in New York City. It's actually been quite a conversation piece at parties. And if you give one to a friend's kid who proceeds to start sucking water from stagnant pools...well, you get to find out how good of sense of humor the old chum really has.

It really sucks...

Despite my making fun of this little filter, it really does work for giardia. But not for typhoid infested water in the Ganges. The Frontier Water Survival Straw It's great for North America, though.

Lightweight backup...

In the woods, there are two backups I take - mosquito repellant, and water purification. Sometimes the original breaks. More often, you lose it. You want the backup to be incredibly light weight. That's why this little 1-oz surival water filter straw is cool. You can fit it in a shirt pocket, or hat band.

You can show all your backpacking friends, or even normal civilians, something that really sucks...

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SuckUp Survival Water Filter Straw

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Frontier water filter straw A Backpacking Tester Top Pick

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