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Polar Pure

Polar Pure has an iodine taste.



"After a week or two, the iodine taste of Polar Pure becomes unnoticeable ..."
The Editor

Iodine taste is the main complain about Polar Pure.

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Polar Pure and Iodine Taste

It is possible to get rid of much of the iodine taste in water, or at least camouflage it. Adding vitamin C to water will drop some of the iodine out of solution, making the iodine taste much less noticeable.

You can also add a drink mix to the water to drop the iodine out, or cover the iodine taste. Make certain that before you do either of these you have allowed sufficient time for the iodine to kill giardia and other organisms. That's 30 minutes under good condition, much longer if the water is cold or turbid.

The drink mixes and vitamin C will weaken or eliminate the effect of the iodine.

Polar Pure and and Delicious Iodine

For water purification, I actually kind of like the taste of iodine. You get accustomed to it. I supposed this is the admission of a hard-core. But the fact is, once you've drank iodine water for a couple weeks, you no longer even notice the taste.

For instance, I've been in the mountains daydreaming, and actually spaced out whether I had treated water. So there it sits, a liter of it, and I don't know if it has been iodized.

When you aren't used to the iodine, you can just sniff the bottles and immediately tell which have been treated for water purification. You can sniff the bottles and you'll easily smell the iodine in the water purified ones.

But once you've been drinking iodined water for a few weeks, you'll lose your nose and taste for it. It just tastes and smells almost like normal water. You get used to it. Then, you can't tell what you've iodized for water purification, and what you haven't.

Then, when you get back to civilization, it's the chlorinated water you're not used to. And it's chlorine that smells terrible. You can easily sniff the chlorine fumes rolling off city water.

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