Giardia Symptoms Diarrhea - Giardia Symptoms Diarrhea and water purification

Giardia Symptoms Diarrhea

Diarrhea symptoms diarrhea is common. As well as giardia treatment.


"Fortunately, medical literature indicates no permanent damage from getting giardia..."
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Giardia Symptoms typically come and go. Illness from giardia is usually not a steady affair.

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Giardia Symptoms and the typical Diarrhea

Giardia diarrhea tends to be less watery. And usually it is a mixture of watery feces, with a few semi-solid chunks mixed in.

I know this sounds rather grotesque, but to have a better chance of identifying giardia diarrhea as compared to bacterial diarrhea, you need to know this.

With giardia symptoms diarrhea will continue over days, weeks and sometimes months. Typically you will feel the rumbling stomach, the belching, the gas. Then after you go to the toilet, you feel better. Those are typical giardia symptoms. generally before giardia treatment.

Other Giardia Symptoms

Other major giardia symptoms - he giardia infected person often has spells where they feel a bit nauseous. There is a loss of appetite. Sometimes there is lethargy, probably from eating less and feeling off the feed, so to speak.

These symptoms come and go, too. Especially after the first few days or week of a giardia attack, many of the symptoms will go away, or almost go away.
You'll think you're over it. Then the giardia symptoms will return for a day or two. This cycle often goes on for a month or two. Sometimes the period of remission gets longer and longer, until the attacks go away completely.

Dealing with Giardia Symptoms Diarrhea

One thing people seldom think of is how to clean yourself off after going to the toilet. Giardia is spread by feces, so make sure hand washing is part of the routine. Make extra sure the cooks on any outing are washing their hands well before handling food.


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